Thursday, November 7, 2013

Albert Chancy - Mastermind [Chancy Records 1980]

Albert Chancy's Mastermind is awesome for several reasons: it's french, arranged on early Yamaha gear and has hidden gems. Take the title track "Master Mind", this track is an absolute killer disco-funk-jazz jam session, I think it's basically one giant organ solo. Not everything on this record is a hit, but you might find something you like.

Pros: French, Early-electronic arrangements, hidden gems, Sinatra cover, self-produced
Con: The record isn't more like the title track

Dave Welcome - Your Song [Amken Records 197X]

I probably found this on a Value Center run over the summer. This is some obscuro-michigan-70s-pop if I've ever seen one. I literally can't find any info on the internet about this, which certainly adds to the charm. On the back of the record there's a mailing address for the band that leads to Bloomfield Hills. Not really sure what the story is with this record but there sure are some catchy songs.

Pros: Modest production, out-of-tune instruments, catchy pop, Michigan-based
Cons: No one has found this and reissued it.

Really one of my favorites

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dogs of War - Dogs of War [Generation Records 1977]

Over the summer I was in Canada and found a shit load of region specific records. Most of the records I found were random popstars, family bands, french records, but mixed in with the lot of horrible records was Dogs of War. Dogs of War is a 1977 Canadian dance record featuring elements of disco and funk with a theme of outer-space (Intergalactic Tactic, Space Conqueror). I really have no idea what Dogs of War refers too, but it's a pretty rockin' title.

Pros: Weird songs titles like Love Pirate and Future Jungle. Synthesizers and early drum machines

Monday, September 2, 2013

Kathy Burch - Girls Don't Play Rock & Roll [Pork Records 1980]

Kathy Burch's Girls Don't Play Rock & Roll was recorded in Dayton, Ohio in 1980. This album is a mix-match of different styles featuring some folk-country-esque tunes, rock pop, piano ballads and smooth jazz/soft rock grooves. The #1 hit on this record is Stoned Kitties, a song all about cats high on cat nip, which should of made Girls Don't Play Rock & Roll a platinum selling record.

I couldn't find much info on Kathy Burch, but I did search on youtube to see if anybody put Stoned Kitties up and I came across a these videos:

Kathy Burch Simpson is still wowing audiences with "Stoned Kitties" with her band The Jewells. She also has a website where you can buy Stoned Kitties mugs and Girls Don't Play Rock & Roll!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Robert Richard - Banty Rooster Blues [Barrelhouse Records 1977]

Found at a flea market after much digging, Banty Rooster Blues is a humble recording featuring Robert Richard playing his harp and singing old Detroit Hastings Street Blues.  Unfortunately this is the only LP Robert Richard ever put out, although he was featured on many Detroit blues records, particularly those of Bobo Jenkins (who he mentions in the song "Old Detroit").

The linear notes put it best:
"There is no fancy recording technique and no real practice. Just a couple of pints, a lot of memories of old Detroit. . .Get yourself a pint of whiskey and join in on the session, this is how it used to be in Old Detroit."